Draining Bamboo Soap Lift



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These beautiful soap lifts are made of high-quality water-resistant bamboo with a water drain to keep soaps drier and longer-lasting. 

Why use a soap lift?

When left in prolonged contact with water, natural soaps containing glycerin can become a mushy mess. Why? Cold process soaps naturally attract water due to the organic glycerin content that forms during saponification (when lye and oil bond to create soap).

Soap with glycerin is valuable for keeping skin hydrated. Most commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their bars to use in lotions and other cosmetic products. But Pass the Bar Soaps keeps all of the good stuff in for maximum skin-loving benefits.

To prolong the life of your bar, allow it to dry between uses by placing it on top of a soap lift.

Love your bar, and it will love you back.


Please specify which shape (square or circle) you prefer prior to check out.

Current quantity & dimensions:
– Square lifts = 5 in stock. Dimensions: 3.03 inches x 3.03 inches
– Circle lifts = 5 in stock. Dimensions: 2.95 inches in diameter
The quantity for this listing is 1 draining bamboo soap lift. (Soap sold separately.)
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