Fresh Cut Grass

After trying various phthalate-free fragrance oils that purport to smell like “grass”, we finally found one that lives up to its name! The scent is fresh, clean and comforting. Each day, we love it a little “mower”… 😉

Plain Jane

Our fragrance-free “Plain Jane” is at it again, and she’s far from boring. This time, she’s hiking the mountains – searching for a cool respite from the summer heat! Always seeking beautiful adventures without skin-irritating drama, Plain Jane will become your best friend.

Midnight Spice

Midnight Spice smells like a cool and complex aftershave. This refreshing blend of bergamot, clove leaf and peppercorn leaves behind a crisp clean aroma to invigorate the senses.

Watermelon Sugar

We’ve re-stocked our watermelon soap – just in time for picnic season! This “Watermelon Sugar” batch will take you back to those retro summer days of popping Bubblicious watermelon gum by the pool. We use natural colorants like Brazilian Clay for the red center, nettle powder for the green rind, and activated charcoal for the…

Grape Soda

Our popular grape-scented bar is back! It’s perfect for kids who need fun in-scent-ives to wash their hands. Or even for adults looking to travel back in time to those grape-flavored candy days when life was sweeter and less complicated.

Hand & Body Cream

After many months of testing, we have formulated a luxurious hand & body cream to complement our signature soaps! Made with organic sunflower oil and shea butter, experience a rich but lightweight moisture without the cheap chemical fillers of commercial brands. We offer a wide variety of phthalate-free fragrance and essential oil options in 4…


Happy Monday, Friends! Here are some #eucalyptus soaps to invigorate the senses for a brand new week. Handcrafted with 100% pure #essentialoil, these bars are made with only “koala-ty” ingredients for skin-loving care.  #takeit or #leafit

Rosemary & Lime

We’re proud of creating old fashioned soap bars with a modern twist. Designed with our favorite activated charcoal “pencil line” technique that stays with every wash, you can enjoy art in a bar. This batch has a crisp refreshing aroma of pure rosemary and lime essential oils. 

Lavender Spice (& everything nice)

This 100% natural bar is a wonderful blend of French Lavender and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils. Beautiful notes of pine and woodland spices emanate from these bars – providing a luxurious showering experience.

Cucumber Melon

This is a re-stock of our fresh Cucumber Melon phthalate-free fragrance bar. Made with Organic Nettle Powder, this bar provides extra soothing properties for irritated skin.

Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Ooh lala… our luxurious Vanilla Crème Brûlée bar is ready! With antioxidant-rich cocoa powder ribboned with creamy vanilla ivory swirls… You’ll be tempted to eat this soap, but we don’t recommend it.

Apple-y Ever After

Our crisp apple scent is back! But what does that have to do with ducks? Apple-solutely nothing.

Rose Gold

This “Rose Gold” fragrance is simply divine. What does it smell like? Oh… just a combination of: coconut, candied apple, raspberry, red currant, tulip, freesia, heliotrope, rose, cashmere musk, vanilla, and amber… all of the things that rose gold would want to smell like if it could.


“No rain, no flowers”… like tropical Plumeria! With notes of jasmine, rose and peach, these bars remind those of us experiencing a dreary winter that sunlight and beautiful growth will be here soon enough!

5 Soap Gift Box + Lift

Tired of making gift-giving decisions? Let us make it for you! Send a beautifully packaged soap gift to an acquaintance or loved one for any special occasion. Each gift box comes with 5 soap bars + 1 wooden bamboo soap lift, and a personalized message of your choice. If you would like to specify which…

Natural Liquid Foaming Soap

We are proud to introduce a new product to our 2023 inventory: natural liquid foaming soap! Enjoy every wash with effortless rich and foamy lather. It’s perfect for kids and busy adults who don’t have the patience for bar soap, but still want a product with wholesome skin-loving ingredients. Pass the Bar Soap products are…

Orange Jubilee

After many requests for an orange fragrance bar restock, we are jubilant to announce that this vegan batch is finally cured! “Orange Jubilee” has a crisp orange peel scent with a hint of bubbly champagne. It’s the perfect morning shower pick-me-up to start a brand new year. We even threw soap-fetti into the bar to…

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Made with tea tree essential oil and cleansing activated charcoal, these natural facial bars pack some zit-zapping punch while remaining gentle and hydrating.

Lump of Coal

Know anyone who deserves a lump of coal in their stocking?  These lingonberry spice bars will make even the naughtiest feel nice! Made with cleansing activated charcoal and unrefined Ghanaian shea butter, these bars come in a cute rustic burlap sack – just the way Santa intended.

Pink Grapefruit

Are you ready for the perfect morning shower pick-me-up? This is a re-stock of our best-selling citrus fragrance, and (in our humble opinion) smells better than the real thing!