“No rain, no flowers”… like tropical Plumeria! With notes of jasmine, rose and peach, these bars remind those of us experiencing a dreary winter that sunlight and beautiful growth will be here soon enough!

5 Soap Gift Box + Lift

Tired of making gift-giving decisions? Let us make it for you! Send a beautifully packaged soap gift to an acquaintance or loved one for any special occasion. Each gift box comes with 5 soap bars + 1 wooden bamboo soap lift, and a personalized message of your choice. If you would like to specify which…

Natural Liquid Foaming Soap

We are proud to introduce a new product to our 2023 inventory: natural liquid foaming soap! Enjoy every wash with effortless rich and foamy lather. It’s perfect for kids and busy adults who don’t have the patience for bar soap, but still want a product with wholesome skin-loving ingredients. Pass the Bar Soap products are…

Orange Jubilee

After many requests for an orange fragrance bar restock, we are jubilant to announce that this vegan batch is finally cured! “Orange Jubilee” has a crisp orange peel scent with a hint of bubbly champagne. It’s the perfect morning shower pick-me-up to start a brand new year. We even threw soap-fetti into the bar to…

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Made with tea tree essential oil and cleansing activated charcoal, these natural facial bars pack some zit-zapping punch while remaining gentle and hydrating.

Lump of Coal

Know anyone who deserves a lump of coal in their stocking?  These lingonberry spice bars will make even the naughtiest feel nice! Made with cleansing activated charcoal and unrefined Ghanaian shea butter, these bars come in a cute rustic burlap sack – just the way Santa intended.

Pink Grapefruit

Are you ready for the perfect morning shower pick-me-up? This is a re-stock of our best-selling citrus fragrance, and (in our humble opinion) smells better than the real thing!

Frosted Fir

This is our go-to seasonal scent to capture the essence of Pacific Northwest winter evergreens. With a combination of pacific breeze, silver fir, blue spruce, plumeria and musk, this bar is a perfect gift for the holidays.


There’s nothing more inviting than the warm smell of coffee on a crisp autumn day… With notes of: rolled oats, frothed cream, roasted coffee beans, maple sugar, and musk, you’ll have to remind yourself that soap is not edible!

Orange Peel

After testing many different orange fragrance oils, we’ve found a keeper! Orange oils have a tendency to lose their fragrance quickly. But this juicy crisp citrus bar wakes up the senses with lasting aromatherapy. Try it in the shower, and “peel” the love!

Anjou Pear

Let’s get the “pear-ty” started with these confetti Anjou Pear bars! Sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt and Eco-friendly glitter, this soap is “pear-fecto”.

Cranberry Apple Harvest

Is it possible to live “apple-y” ever after? Yes, you “cran”! This fruity combination of crisp apple and cranberry soap has cured just in time for harvest season!

Mulled Wine

Who’s ready for a glass of mulled wine? With fragrant notes of cinnamon, cloves, and anise, these modern soap bars are a perfect way to spice up your sink for the holidays! Just “mull” it over, and ask yourself: “Wine not?” 😉🍷

Eucalyptus (All-natural + Vegan)

My 7 y.o. daughter wanted to help with a product post, so we had fun figuring out how to creatively display the pencil-line technique. It’s so fun to see the activated charcoal line stay through every wash! Scented with natural eucalyptus oil and made with all-natural ingredients, this bar refreshes the skin and soul.

Moon Over Meow-mi

A purrr-fect autumn soap fragranced with “Lingonberry Spice” and everything nice. These bars have notes of: apple, frozen berry, lemon, balsam fir, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, mountain air, and musk.

Plain Jane (unscented)

Plain Jane is at it again! I always love giving my unscented bars some “attitude” because fragrance-free soap never has to be boring. Jane worked wonders on my son’s eczema. So now, I adorn her with a Himalayan pink salt & eco-glitter “tiara” – fit for a soap queen. Just let Jane – do her…

Cucumber Melon

Fresh Cucumber Melon soap to wash off the summer sweat! This time, nettle is the secret natural green colorant. Yup – stinging nettle! (Except once dried and ground into powder form, it loses its sting.) Here are a few skin-loving benefits: – Soothes inflammation– Reduces redness in dry skin– Has a number of protective antioxidants that help reduce…

Pomegranate & Pear

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is!”  – Mark Twain These deliciously fruity bars are naturally colored with Rose Kaolin Clay & Brazilian Clay for a soothing skin cleansing experience. And as always, all excess soap scraps & shavings from this batch will go to my friends at Anacaona Community in Haiti. There, the soap will…

Rustic Woods & Rum

This slightly smoky soap bar captures the feeling of hiking the Pacific Northwest backwoods with a hip flask full of rum. 🪵🌲🥃

Grape Crush

Do you remember that childhood grape flavor found in soda pop, bubble gum, and candy? Well, here it is in soap form – without the risk of cavities! Made with skin-loving oils and high quality phthalate-free fragrance, you can take a trip down memory lane with every wash.