Cucumber Melon

Fresh Cucumber Melon soap to wash off the summer sweat! This time, nettle is the secret natural green colorant. Yup – stinging nettle! (Except once dried and ground into powder form, it loses its sting.) Here are a few skin-loving benefits: – Soothes inflammation– Reduces redness in dry skin– Has a number of protective antioxidants that help reduce…

Pomegranate & Pear

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is!”  – Mark Twain These deliciously fruity bars are naturally colored with Rose Kaolin Clay & Brazilian Clay for a soothing skin cleansing experience. And as always, all excess soap scraps & shavings from this batch will go to my friends at Anacaona Community in Haiti. There, the soap will…

Rustic Woods & Rum

This slightly smoky soap bar captures the feeling of hiking the Pacific Northwest backwoods with a hip flask full of rum. 🪵🌲🥃

Grape Crush

Do you remember that childhood grape flavor found in soda pop, bubble gum, and candy? Well, here it is in soap form – without the risk of cavities! Made with skin-loving oils and high quality phthalate-free fragrance, you can take a trip down memory lane with every wash.

Peach Sunset

Imagine spending a hot day picking juicy ripe peaches, and then cooling off at sunset with a dip in the pool. If that essence could be transferred into a bar of soap, this would be it. Treat yourself to a happy and serene bar of skin-loving care with fruity peach and hints of floral.

Chunky Watermelon

Sliced chucky watermelon bars – just in time for summer! Naturally colored with revitalizing Spirulina Algae and detoxifying Purple Brazilian Clay, these bars are skin-healthy treats to wash off that hot summer sweat. The poppy seeds add a fun exfoliating texture.

Orange Creamsicle

If you could turn an orange creamsicle into a soap bar, this would be the result! Combining zesty orange fragrance oil with creamy shea & cocoa butters, you can bathe in citrus deliciousness. (Note: tempting as it may be, please don’t consume soap.)

Gift Set: 1 soap bar + 1 lift

Looking for the perfect small gift or party favor? We create individually gift-wrapped soap bars! Your recipient will undoubtedly feel special with this beautiful presentation.


This fresh tropical floral scent will encourage you to stop, breath in, and find beauty in simple things… like washing your hands.

Grateful Grapefruit

We can’t seem to keep this bar on the shelves long enough! This tangy fragrance blends fresh pink grapefruit with sweet valencia orange, mouth-watering clementine, and soft florals. Colored with French Rose Kaolin Clay, this bar naturally detoxifies sensitive skin. We are so “grateful” that you like it!

Jasmine Dreams

This dreamy bar is lightly scented with Jasmine fragrance oil for a calming bubbly experience. You can also sleep well knowing that no part of this soap batch is ever wasted. Every soap scrap & shaving produced to transform this bar into its final form is donated to Anacaona Community, a soap upcycling program that…

Fresh Cut Grass

This is a very special & unique bar made with dried okra flowers ground into a fine powder by South Korean farming women. Okra flowers are known for their skin-rejuvenating & collagen-boosting benefits. The natural green colorant is Spirulina Algae, which is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Scented with “Fresh Cut Grass” fragrance oil,…

4 Soap Gift Box

Tired of making gift-giving decisions? Let us make it for you! Send a beautifully packaged soap gift to an acquaintance or loved one for any special occasion. Each gift box comes with 4 soap bars + 1 free wooden bamboo soap lift, and a personalized message of your choice. If you would like to specify…

Pretty in Pink

Who here had an “electric youth”? “Heaven is a place on earth” with these lightly floral-scented retro bars. “Take me home tonight” for your “eternal flame”, or enjoy one when “[you] think [you’re] alone now”. (Children of the 80’s, do you notice a theme?) This lightly scented floral bar is the perfect balance of: peony, peach,…

Irish Whiskey

Sometimes, a wee nip of whiskey is just the cure… cured soap, that is! With a scent comparison that is uncannily accurate, these “Pass the Bar” in more ways than one. This complex fragrance is a variation of the traditional whisky scent with notes of: jasmine, Italian bergamot, vanilla bourbon, Scotch whisky, cigar, cedarwood, and…

Apple Butter

You’ll love these bars to their “core”. Made with rich organic Ghanaian shea butter and organic cocoa butter, this soap will surely be the apple of your eye. And yes, the tops are garnished with Himalayan pink salt & eco-friendly glitter (because fish are friends)!

Cacao Mint

Made with fair-trade cacao powder & rich cocoa butter, these bars have a decadent chocolate mint dessert fragrance with none of the guilt! (Spoon not included.)

Iced Mocha

This bar smells just like a sweet caffeinated drink. With notes of bittersweet chocolate, coconut, almond, honey, caramel, roasted coffee beans, and burnt sugar… you’ll have to remind yourself not to lick the bar! And yes, that’s a soap straw.


These bars have a delightful sweet and fruity fragrance of pomegranate with notes of pear. Each bar is naturally colored with skin-loving rose kaolin clay & purple Brazilian clay. And each layer is lined with cleansing activated charcoal for an artistic – yet practical – experience.

Garden in the Rain

These bars smell like a coastal breeze catching the scent of flowers on a rainy day. Scent notes include: bergamot, cantaloupe, apple, geranium, rain, dewy rose, woods, forest, and musk.